Since 1971, when research began to build lightweight construction materials in Australia and other advanced countries, to date more than thousands of building units have been constructed using new materials in India, China, Indonesia, Canada, Kuwait and Iran and a lot of research has been done in laboratories and scientific centers of different countries to provide an optimized formula for the construction and installation method to achieve the best result. Therefore, in line with the country’s policies regarding innovation using domestic and foreign technology, in 2007 this company started to build a factory to produce IF light insulation block and in May 2010 obtained a license for exploitation and mass production. The blocks produced by this company, have high thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics and while being lightweight, tight and low level of thickness, they are highly compressed and resistant to moisture, frost and fire. This product has been tested and approved by Iran building & housing research center and introduced as a new product. Meanwhile, the block mentioned is approved by the environmental organization because it is free of harmful substances for human beings. It is worth mentioning that the IF block fits perfectly with the demands of Energy saving and quite suitable for indoor environments as well.


Light non – autoclave blocks (NAAC), carbonate blocks (GLC) and concrete foam (FCB) are Products with very interesting technical features that because of the significant advantages Compared to other hard building materials, deploying them is growing widely in today’s World. These products are known as light gas blocks, NAAC blocks and gypsum blocks in Iran.


Blocks can be produced as mentioned above with 60 cm length and thickness of 25 cm. Insulation Block Company is also capable of producing products depending on customer orders for special sizes.

Earthquake and Frost Resistance

Due to the high surface to mass ration and micro-cellular structure Itafoam blocks have high resistance to earthquakes and frost without losing their properties.


Itafoam blocks consume at least a quarter of energy comparing other similar materials per unit at the time of manufacturing. Itafoam blocks provide 3 to 4 times more insulation and consequently reduce energy consumption. Itafoam uses mineral raw materials that are not suitable for agriculture and mining them do not harm the nature. Itafoam 100% recyclable and reusable.

The Exact Dimensions and High Workability

Dimensional tolerances of Itafoam block in the largest surface is about 3mm. This precision, reduces internal and external joinery to a minimum thickness and speeds up the operations. Itafoam blocks are cut with lumber saw and while the ease of use, their waste is minimal. There is possibility of embedding installations on Itafoam blocks (place of cross channel of plug wires, water pipes, etc.) that it leads to remove the layers of plaster.

Economic and Affordable

Itafoam blocks reduce considerably the cost because of advantages such as high thermal insulation, high sound insulation, minimum thickness of joinery, removing the layer of plaster, having the least amount of waste, easy operation and high speed performance.

Light Weight

Light weight walls built with Itafoam blocks leads to 37 percent savings of steel to be used in concrete and metal structures that this reduces the costs and dead loads of the building.

Compatibility with Materials

Due to concrete and plaster structure of blocks and being the same material with mortar of cement and gypsum, it causes very good adhesion between the block and the mortar and blocks also feature a very high adhesion to variety of basic mortar used in the facade and plaster mortar.

Technical Characteristics of Blocks

Because of the closed cells and uniform cellular structure, remarkable technical specifications are as follow.

Ultra-light and High-strength

The weight of a cubic meter of Itafoam block, depending on the level of expected resistance is from 550 to 700 kg per cubic meter with 2/5N ml2 average compressive strength.

Excellent Thermal Insulation

Itafoam blocks are recognized as the best thermal insulation in hard building materials with maximum 11/0 w/ m.k heat transfer coefficient which reduces the thermal – cooling installation costs up to 28%.

High Resistance to Fire

Wall built with Itafoam blocks has high resistance to fire, so that it is known as an anti-fire (Fire Wall). This product does not ignite and dose not emit toxic gases in the fire and Itafoam blocks can resist up to 1200 C.Itafoam wall with different thicknesses, absorb about 40 to 50 dB (loud sound).

Excellent Sound Insulation

The sound absorption (DB)
The sound absorption (DB)
Normal conversation can be heard from behind the wall easily and clearly.
Loud dialogue can be heard but normal conversation is audible but not clear.
Loud dialogue can be heard but not clear normal conversation is not audible.
Loud and high- quality sound low or inaudible.
Speaking in a loud voice, radio and television with the average sound, only slightly audible.
Relatively good
Very good
Sound absorption
Type of sound insulation Excellent Very good on good and very good border
50 and higher
20 cm 15 cm 10 cm
50 Db. 44 Db. 39 Db.
30 – 35
35 – 40
40 – 45

Itafoam wall with different thicknesses, absorb about 40 to 50 dB (loud sound).bloc