Since 1971, when research began to build lightweight construction materials in Australia and other advanced countries, to date more than thousands of building units have been constructed using new materials in India, China, Indonesia, Canada, Kuwait and Iran and a lot of research has been done in laboratories and scientific centers of different countries to provide an optimized formula for the construction and installation method to achieve the best result. Therefore, in line with the country’s policies regarding innovation using domestic and foreign technology, in 2007 this company started to build a factory to produce IF light insulation block and in May 2010 obtained a license for exploitation and mass production. The blocks produced by this company, have high thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics and while being lightweight, tight and low level of thickness, they are highly compressed and resistant to moisture, frost and fire. This product has been tested and approved by Iran building & housing research center and introduced as a new product. Meanwhile, the block mentioned is approved by the environmental organization because it is free of harmful substances for human beings. It is worth mentioning that the IF block fits perfectly with the demands of Energy saving and quite suitable for indoor environments as well.